Rörö 2009

On the first day of the new year we were off for new adventures! This time we left for Gothenburg to visit Tindra and Bessi and to compete at MyDog – an International and National show. The trip began unlawful early – but we didn’t mind! 7 o’clock it was time to leave Höllviken with a full loaded car. Those of us that didn’t have to drive enjoyed some nice sleeping the following hours until the driver go the annoying idea that we should have some breakfast. After that break it was impossible to fall a sleep again, something that wasn’t liked by Stefan. In our car we also learnt to not listen to our driver ( i e P-O) because he wanted us to get of at every island… Luckily we managed to keep him on board until we reached the right island.
When we arrived at Rörö, Stig and Tindra were there to welcome us and brought us home to their place, where Marita waited with some food and drinks. We had a great evening together until it was time to go to sleep. Friday began in a fantastic way, with a long walk around the island and we got to see wonderful nature and the dogs could run free and have fun together. We also had great weather, it was cold but sunny. When we got back it was time for the dogs to be bathed and groomed. It took the rest of the day but they all looked very nice when we had finished.

Now it was time for the show and our morning began already at five o’clock to make all the dogs ready before the ferry left at six. The early morning wasn’t a problem because there was lots of time to relax at the show ground before it was time for the dogs to make their entrance in the show ring. Marita even had time to sprain her ankle a little… The rest of us think she did it only to meet the young good-looking doctors! So we let her do that and when she finally had stopped flirting it was time for the dogs to be judged. And what a day we had! All eight dogs got Exc, in best male we took the placements 1,3 and 5 and in best bitch we took all five placements! Simba won among the males and was finally BOB, Mickey was third and won the CC making him Swedish champion, Hugo was fifth best male. Lara won among the girls and got the the CC, she was also BOS. Wilma was second, Tindra third, Berit forth and Isadora was fifth. Berit was BOB-veteran and our breeder’s group was BIS- 5 in the finals.
After the breed judging had finished we toasted in champagne for Mickey, who became champion, and for Berit, who competed in the veteran class for the 50th time. Here’s to them! After the final we packed our stuff and went back to Tindra’s place to eat a great soup before it was time to do the dogs again.

Now it was Sunday and there was a lot of talk about that we could sleep longer – ah, that I really liked! Well-well, ok we planned to get a later ferry but at the same time there wouldn’t be time to get ourselves ready at the show – everything had to be done before we left. So in the end we had to get up at the same time as the day before… But it wasn’t so bad, one can do almost anything just to go to shows! We left on time and we arrived at the show according to schedule and this time we were in a hall for ourselves and it was very quite compared to yesterday. This day there were some more dogs entered and Catarina was nervous since she didn’t have to constantly groom and therefore the rest of us had to keep making the dogs ready for the ring just to make her calm her nerves! When it was time to enter the ring, we once again had a great day. We got seven Exc and one prize of honour. Simba was second best male with r-CACIB and Mickey who made his debut in champion class ended up as fifth best male. When it was time for the girls to go into the ring, we all got nervous. Wilma needed the last CACIB to become International champion. And guess what? She got it! Wilma was best bitch with CACIB and finally BOB. Lara was second best bitch with CC and r-CACIB and Tindra was third. Berit was BOB-veteran and our breeder’s group was the breed’s best breeder’s group.
So when it was time for the finals – Berit came in and said Hi, and so did the breeder’s group but Wilma said Hi and I’m staying! Wilma got picked for the semi final. So we had some great results this weekend.

But the weekend didn’t end there… We have the entire trip back home left and it would be a shame to not tell about that! Just as I told you previously our driver P-O wasn’t to be trusted. We left Gothenburg and he easily found the way out of the city and then we droved for a while before we decided to get something to eat. After the food break we were going to drive a short distance to a gas station where P-O wanted to fill up the car. (We were now in Falkenberg.) P-O had a discount at this station, 0,30 SKr per litre. So we went to the gas station and P-O filled up the car. But when he was going to pay he realised he had put ethanol in the tank instead of diesel… well, I can’t say that he was happy. So we got stuck at a gas station in Falkenberg with a P-O who had smoke getting out of his ears. We sat there for about an hour and then the break-down lorry came. It took P-O’s car to a garage and we got a rental car to go back home. So the following Monday P-O and Catarina had to make the trip to Falkenberg to get the car back home again.
So after a really pleasant and memorable weekend we say: Congratulations for all the success and thanks to Marita and Stig for the special days at Rörö.