Our puppies

We follow the rules and recommendations of the Swedish kennel club breed specific strategies for bichon frisé to keep and maintain the breed healthy and sound.

Our goal is to breed healthy and sound bichons with good temperament that are breed typical. For us all parts are important and every mating has been thoroughly analyzed. The bichons we use for breeding are dogs that we ourselves think are good specimen of the breed. Our puppies grow up in a home environment and we put a lot of time and effort into socialise, bring up and play with them.

Interested in a puppy?
If you want to purchase a puppy from us we want to learn to know you/your family so we know that the puppy will have a good life with you. We want to have a good contact with our puppy buyers also when the puppy has moved to its new home. We have high demands on ourselves as breeders but we also have requirements when someone wants to purchase a dog from us:

  • We only sell a puppy to a person who has thought it all through very thoroughly. It’s important to remember that the dog will be a part of the family for 10-15 years .
  • The dog should not be left alone too long, it should have company most of the day/night. An adult dogs shouldn’t be left alone more than 4 hours a day .
  • Bichon frisé is a breed with lots of coat and you must be aware that the coat care is demanding. It should be brushed, combed, bathed, dried and groomed.

Our dogs are our family members (they even share our beds during night!) and we want our puppies to go to homes with lots of time and love.

For our puppy buyers we also have a forum on internet (only in Swedish) and a facebook group where they can keep in contact with other bichon owners and also keep track of what happens at Hardy-Flap’s.

For us as breeders it’s most important  that our bichons go to the “right” family where they get lots of time and love. We also want to continue to have a close contact with our puppy buyers and hope they wish the same. We don’t have any demands that our puppies should go to shows, they are first and foremost family members. Of course we are happy if the bichon grows up to a little “star” and it then will be brought to some shows. But our bichons are first and foremost companions!
Our dogs are health checked and we do our best to breed healthy and sound dogs, but we can never promise or guarantee that all puppies will be healthy and sound even if the parents are.

Interested in a bichon from Hardy-Flap’s kennel?
You are welcome to contact us:

Hardy-Flap’s kennel

Stefan Harde, Carin Harde och Catarina Harde Åkesson
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