Birthday party

Wednesday February 8, 2006, Bettan (Ch Chonfri’s Lady MacBeth By Shakespeare) celebrated her tenth birthday. Bettan is the foundation bitch of Hardy-Flap’s kennel and almost everyone that has a puppy from us can find her name in their dog’s pedigree. Bettan lives in Ystade with her “sisters” Linnea and Ebba since several years.
For her birthday she had invited all seven bichons at Hardy-Flap’s kennel and she welcomed all her guests dressed in a beautiful rosette. Unfortunately Ebba was a bit jealous on Bettan since she looked so nice that she chewed on her rosette… Ebba thought it looked nicer that way! For the party there were 10 bichons invited and there was cake for both two- and four legged guests… Before you get to taste the cake you have to sit still and wait to be served, which all these ten bichons could do, and once they get their cake they ate it all and didn’t leave anything on the plate. The dogs’ cake consisted of pancakes with wiped cream and dog candy – and all the dogs loved the taste of it. For the two legged there was a special cake with marzipan and jelly hearts – really yummy! Bettan celebrated a fantastic birthday and we wish her many lovely birthdays in the future too!