Bichon specialty 2012

The breed Club, Bichon Frisé Ringen, organized an jubilee show for the breed in August 2012. Since this show was held in our vicinity, we chose to participate and with a large number of dogs! We entered no less than 15 bichons and I can say that we had to do weeks before the specialty and in particular the day before the show and of course on the day for the show. Our talented puppy buyers helped put up the tents the day before and our gang was also the first place when it was time for the show. All the dogs were prepared and together we helped to keep track of which dogs were to go in which classes … Not easy when you have so many to keep track of! We had a fantastic day and the results were excellent to say the least!

Svante (Jitterbop Promises In The Air) was BIS Puppy. Charlie (Hardy-Flap’s Pay Attention) was best junior and also best male. Manolito (Ch Hardy-Flap’s Hurricane Punch) won champion class males and finished as second best male. Malte (Ch Hardy-Flap’s My Inspiration) was second in champion class and fourth best male. Simba (Ch Hardy-Flap’s Crowd Pleaser) was best veteran dog and finished fifth in best male. Ellen (Hardy-Flap’s Pre Paid) was second in junior and Hedda (Hardy-Flap’s Paid On Delivery) was fifth and Inga (Ladykiller’s She’s No to Sweden) was sixth. Kira (Hardy-Flap’s Star Wars) was second in intermediate class and Flinga (Hardy-Flap’s Money Making) was second in open class. Isadora (Ch Hardy-Flap’s Cyclone Eye) was second in champion class and third in best bitch. Monique (Ch Hardy-Flap’s Moneypenny) was fourth in champion class and Emma (Ch Hardy-Flap’s Sweet Home Alabama) was fifth. Birgit (Ch Hardy-Flap’s Divine Disco Dancer) was best veteran. Berit (Ch Hardy-Flap’s When Trumpets Fade) was BIS oldtimer and also best bitch.

In the finals Charlie was BIS-junior, Simba BIS-veteran and Birgit BOS-veteran, Berit BIS-oldtimer, Birgit’s progeny class with Monique, Charlie, Flinga and Ellen was BIS. Our breeder’s group with Monique, Charlie, Manolito and Isadora was BIS.
Inga won best head and expression. Evelina Bååth won best groomed dog with Malte.
Finally, Charlie was BIS and Berit was BOS! Thank you judge Bengt-Åke Bogren!

When the show was over, we ate a yummy Italian buffet along with our puppy buyers and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Thank you all for your help and support!

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