Alba Julia 2012

During the middle of August I, Ann-Kristin and Bengt went to Romania for meeting our friends and their families and attend a double show there. The trip to Bucharest went fine, and at the airport George and Diana were waiting for us.

To reach our destination it took six hours by car, but it was well worth it! Being able to drive through the Carpathians into Transylvania was magical. Historical land below our feet and to see this nature, the buildings, meet the people, see their culture was indeed a memory for life, and something that was completely different from the view that is passed through the television.

When we went through a smaller town, we parked our car and went to a local party in the centre. Monique was very happy to get out and take a walk as well. It was a large market place, and people sung and danced traditional and local vocals and dances. It was beautiful to both see and experience. While this happened we also went through the marketplace and both tasted and purchased homemade candy and brought with us. Since it was close to the evening we had to continue to Alba Julia were we were going to stay and were the shows were held. When we got there in the evening it was still very warm, around 30 degrees, and Georges parents met us with all the dogs. It was so nice to meet all of them. All dogs came running towards us, happy, healthy and so full of love!  Since we haven’t meet Cleo in several years it was so nice to see her so well kept and in super condition. When we came and she heard my voice she listened very carefully and then she came running and barking and wagging her tail, extremely happy! It was a fantastic evening, were we sat together outside in the garden and eat and drank national dishes and homemade wine. When we had finished and it was completely black outside and it was time to go to bed. We stayed in George’s and Diana’s house which was situated there as well.

After a good night sleep we got breakfast and it was absolutely great. Home cropped vegetables, and the tomatoes, what a flavor! At the show Diana and George helped us, but all at the show were very helpful and serviceminded and spoke English. When everything was paid for we went to the ring.

The show was held in an old castle ruin, it was one of the most beautiful show grounds I have ever seen or attended. This ruin covered about one third of the actual city. We went through the ruin and we finally came to our ring. The judge was a famous Romanian judge, papillon breeder, Ms Dagmar Klein.  Glory, which is Diana’s breeding, was in puppy class and she got BOB-puppy with a smashing critique. Monique won cac and finally BOB, beating a male from Romania. It was very warm around 36 degrees so it was quite nice to rest in the shade of the castle. In the evening when it was time for the finals, it was still very warm. From the lights in the honorary ring it was also even warmer. Monique did great. She won the group for our breed judge and finally BIS for well known Romanian allrounder Petru Muntean. At eleven o´clock in the evening the show was finished. When arriving home we attended a party for  Diana’s mother who celebrated her 50th birthday. It was time for dinner and drinks, and of course as it should, I and Bengt sang for her in Swedish of course. It was so nice to meet Diana’s and George’s family, friends and relatives and all of them were amazing people. Of course there were some difficulties regarding language but with English, German, some bad French and some Russian words we managed quite well. We tasted national cuisine, homemade wine and alcohol, also local specialties and we talked and laughed almost all night long. Sunday’s show was even hotter than the day before. Monique and Glory didn’t seem to care that much, but we got soaking wet though! The organizer had put up some tents for protecting the exhibitors and dogs. Bengt was extremely happy since he could get to the restaurant and buy cold beer. At Sunday’s show we also had a sweet Romanian lady as our judge. Both Monique and Glory won their classes and Monique also became Romanian champion, so nice and fun! In the finals we had great luck. Monique won the group again, but was beaten in the BIS final, by a Sealyham terrier. For the Supreme BIS final a Hungarian judge entered the ring. He was very thourough and examined the dogs gently but with perfection. Finally he placed Monique as Supreme BIS at the show in Alba Julia 2012!  What a great achievement!

During the day I, Bengt, Monique and Glory were also interviewed by national television. So later in the evening we saw the interview in national TV, lots of fun! In the morning the following day the phone called and we had to find a newspaper since it was both a story and a large picture of Monique winning BIS. There were some problems finding the paper because there we went they were all sold out. Finally we drove to the press and were able to buy some papers there.

We had such a great and pleasant stay in Romania. We experienced the enchanting landscape, looked through the sights and the castle ruin in Alba Julia, visit the city of Braschow and saw the famous black church there. When we were there we meet and talked to a bichon from Romania and its owner, ate at a perfect restaurant with national dishes and drinking Romanian wine. Sadly all good things come to an end, and before we knew it we had to go back to Sweden.

When it was time to go home, it actually felt terrible leaving our friends, the dogs and say goodbye to adorable little Cleo.

After our drive Diana and George helped us at the airport since we also had a new little passenger with us, Glory was going back with us to Sweden. A real sweetheart she is. Before we even had sat our foot on the plane we already promised ourselves to come back and visit this beautiful country and its wonderful people again.