Hardy-Flap’s Apple Blossom Rosebud ‘MONYA’

Landes(jgd)-sg-06 Sachsen NL(jun) CH

Hardy-Flap’s Apple Blossom Rosebud

(SV-09 Landes-sg-07 KBHV-06 Verbands-sg-06-07 NORDJV-04 VDH CH DE CH CIB KLB CH SI CH SE CH DK CH Hardy-Flap’s Juicy Jitterbug Dancer x Verbandssg-03 Bdsg-02 Landes-Sg-02-03 CIB VDH CH DE CH SE CH DK CH FI CH Mysett’s Ain’t Afraid Of The Fox)


born: 051015

Qualifications: Landes-jugend-sg-06 Sachsen. Dutch(junior) champion.
1 junior-CC in Germany and 1 CC in Holland.

Results: 1 x BOB in Holland.