We’ve lost a dear friend…

It all came to an end…. May 10th 2015 Berit was put to sleep.

Our sweet queen has left us and our home is so empty! We do miss this little one a lot. Now it’s so quiet… No barking for fresh water for the 100th time a day, no barking to go out and to be let in 10 seconds later, no barking for full attention, no barking at all… At the same time we were so fortunate to have this special girl in our lives for so long. She has always been happy and healthy and loved life to 100%. She had the body and energy of a young dog until the last couple of months. And during the last week and day it all went downhill very fast…

Life will not be the same without her because she has always been there and very confident taken her place in our lives. A place she took already as a newborn and as the only puppy in the litter. She has enjoyed life to the full both at home and at shows. She absolutely loved to go to shows and barked of joy as she went around the ring.

So thank you Berit for 15,5 remarkable years, it will not be the same without you.

Ch Hardy-Flap’s When Trumpets Fade, she was one of a kind.
Love you and miss you…..

This video was made as a Happy Birthday greeting for Berit last November when she turned 15 years old. Well, this amazing girl participated in 2 more shows after her birthday, where she once again took BOB-veteran. But now it all has come to an end. RIP Berit.