Hardy-Flap’s Itsy-Bitsy Spider-Woman

(Landes-sg-13-14 DK CH SE CH VDH CH DE CH MK CH Jitterbop Promises In The Air x WW-09 Verbands-sg-10 Landes-sg-09-10 VDH-Esg-09 BD(jgd)sg-08 Verbands(jgd)sg-08 Landes(jgd)sg-08  CIB VDH CH DE CH SE CH L CH DK CH German(jun) CH Jitterbop Scoop Of The Day)



born: 150312

Qualifications: 3 CC in Sweden, 1 CC in Denmark, 3 CC and 3 club-CC in Germany. 2 junior-CC in Denmark.

Results: 2 x BOS in Sweden and Germany. 1 x BIS-3-junior in Sweden. 1 x BOB-mini-puppy in Denmark. 1 x BIS-4-puppy in Sweden.